Elissa Freeman is a coach, trainer and presenter to people in the creative industries such as actors, musicians, writers, dancers and performers.
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If a person does not or cannot forgive it can cause stress, illness, limited mental capacity, loneliness, sadness, anger, guilt and shame. It can destroy relationships and lead to...
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Who's recommended Elissa

"I met Elissa while buying one of her amazing DVDs for confidence. Listening to her voice, I knew I'd met a master teacher. Elissa is extremely present and inspirational. I am in awe of her NLP skills and deep willingness to give. In our phone session, she expertly guided me through my multidimensional self and potential. It was phenomenal. I highly recommend her for life coaching and feel blessed to know her".

- Sarah Yip, Professional Psychic & Blogger from www.sarahyip.com