Why do we people-please, walk on eggshells or avoid confrontation?

Walking on egg shells

Ever had one of those “AHA!” moments? Whenever I have one, I feel like my head has exploded.

Are you familiar with PEOPLE-PLEASING, WALKING ON EGGSHELLS and AVOIDING CONFRONTATION? Do you do these things, or know someone who does?

I am very familiar with these behaviours, as I used to do all of those things. As a part of my quest to become as AUTHENTIC as possible, I have had to work hard to change that aspect of my life, and that challenge has been an opportunity to grow.

Do you know that feeling that comes with needing to have that difficult conversation? It’s a pretty wretched feeling, right?

When you are having that conversation, it can feel like your chest is torn open, VULNERABLE and raw.

It might not be the same for you, but I have realised that when I open up and speak my truth in those difficult conversations, it creates INTIMACY, with others and also within myself.

For many years I have feared intimacy, and as this fear continues to fall away now, so does my desire to people-please, walk on eggshells and resist confrontation.

Confrontation does not signify yelling, hitting or fighting. It means OPENING YOUR HEART and speaking your truth from a space of RESPECT and LOVE.

I am having such a FUCK YEAH moment!



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