Vibration Creation

Vibration Creation with Elissa Freeman


Vibration Creation

This training is particularly for creative people – or those who would like to be more so.

When you attend the Vibration Creation program you will learn non-typical communication techniques. This program goes deep into the communication that is often unseen and misunderstood.

Expert communication is the key to understanding what goes wrong and why we are sometimes misunderstood.

Expert communication insanely improves your relationship with your partner, work colleagues, children, customers, clients, friends and of course, yourself.

Have you ever wondered why someone else gets the job, gets the raise, gets the funding, gets the grant, gets the partner and not you? In Vibration Creations you will have the tools to understand why and then actually do something about it.

Vibration Creation is about deep levels of communication that others barely touch on, including communicating with yourself, spirit, energy and others in a deeply authentic way.

Vibration Creation is truly a journey of discovery.

In this 1 day program you will pick up the tools to learn how to:

  • Learn to communicate physically, verbally, spiritually, emotionally, creativity and lots of other words that end in “ally” or “ity”.
  • Discover a very cool technique allowing you to communicate across all types of people and demography
  • Unlock your intuitive communication to allow deep understanding in both directions
  • Become an expert in knowing what your communication is doing inside the hearts and minds of others
  • Master communicating with energies and powers beyond your conscious thought.
  • Enjoy communicating with those who are very different from you
  • Gain a deep connection with others
  • Craft your conversation that makes positive change in others
  • Become an expert communicator

This is a great training to have for your team and for yourself.

If you would like to discuss having this training in your workplace or you are interested in attending a public training, please use the contact form on your left, and we will be in contact with you.

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