Mastermind alliance enhances creativity

Elissa Freeman Creative Life Coach

Elissa Freeman Creative Life Coach

Why is it that when one or more people communicate, another independent mind is created?  Napoleon Hill coined the term “Master Mind,” and some call it “mastermind”.

This is what think tanks are based on. The energy shift can be palpable when we communicate with others.

Musicians often create this when improvising. It is an important part of the creative process, and is often used unconsciously by creative people, including artists, performers, actors, dancers, inventors and, of course, musicians.

A group of people concentrating on solving a problem or creating something will usually get into this zone after about 20 minutes.  Sometimes it does not happen for a while longer, and sometimes not at all.

Napoleon Hill suggests that an environment of harmony is the most important factor.  If one person is not harmonising with the other or others, this mastermind zone is not created.

This is another reason why it is crucial to very carefully choose the people with whom you communicate if you wish to better yourself, stay positive or improve your thoughts.

Great and successful people have always used the mastermind technique, even if they have not called it by that name.  From an outside perspective, it may seem that these people have succeeded on their own, but if you dig a little deeper you will inevitably discover a mastermind technique of sorts.

Mastermind zones can be created virtually too. Have you ever had a phone conversation during which your mind felt exceptionally sharp and time seemed to fly by?  When you finished that call and hung up, you felt good. You felt bright and strong, right?  If so, you have already had a mastermind experience.

By Elissa Freeman

Creative Life Coach

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