Justin Bieber knows this secret

Elissa Freeman Creative Life Coach

Elissa Freeman Creative Life Coach

Justin Bieber knows the secret of the Mastermind Alliance.  He couldn’t have achieved such success without the alliance of his manager, advisers, friends, family, tech heads, teachers, musicians…

What appears to be Justin Bieber’s overnight success is not that at all.  What has he and his Mastermind alliance been doing for the years leading up to his success?  I would say they were very busy and focused.

Sure, he’s talented and has charisma.  However, he is and has much more than that.  Talent is a small portion of what it takes to be successful. Success can come to those without talent or charisma; it can be learned.

Napoleon Hill relates this story in his book, Law of Success:

“…a man was working in the same shop with Henry Ford, doing practically the same sort of work that he was doing.  It has been said that this man was really a more competent workman, in that particular sort of work, than Ford… This man is still engaged in the same sort of work… while Mr. Ford is the world’s richest man”.

Another story tells of a father with seven children who argued all the time. He gathered together a bundle of seven sticks and tied them together with string, then asked each of the children in turn to attempt to break the bundle.  None of them could. The father then cut the string and gave each of his children one stick. He asked them to try to break the stick again, and each child effortlessly managed to do so this time. Like the boys in the story, we are all more effective as a part of an organised effort.

Imagine the effect of a united alliance for artists, performers, actors, writers, dancers and, of course, musicians.

By Elissa Freeman

Creative Life Coach

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