Creative Spirit. Loving Heart Retreat


Creative Spirit Loving Heart with Elissa Freeman

Creative Spirit Loving Heart Retreat

Are you creative – or would like to be more so? Creative Spirit Loving Heart is especially for you.

This retreat shows you how to release the blocks that are holding you back. It shows you how to tap further into the unlimited resources available to you. It is about freedom: freedom of spirit, freedom of love, freedom of you.

The creative zone and psychic (or intuitive) space occupies the same place in your mind and heart. This space holds all of your answers. In the Creative Spirit Loving Heart retreat you will learn how to access that zone in a couple of breaths whenever and wherever you want.

In this 5 day retreat you will pick up the tools that will allow you to learn how to:

  • Master your fears so that you can do the things you’ve only dreamt about
  • Learn 7 techniques to connect into your creativity- no more writer’s block
  • Free blocked emotions that are holding you back
  • Enjoy helping others with your creative and intuitive abilities
  • Unlock your creativity, inventiveness and problem-solving abilities
  • Gain techniques to enhance your intuitive and psychic ability
  • Discover 5 processes for powerful creative and intuitive insight
  • Unlock your dreams so that you can act on the messages they hold

This is an essential retreat for you. If you are interested in attending the Creative Spirit Loving Heart retreat or have any questions, please use the contact form below and we will be in contact with you.

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