Forgiveness If a person does not or cannot forgive, it can cause stress, illness, limited mental capacity, loneliness, sadness, anger, guilt and shame. It can destroy relationships and lead to low self-esteem and an overall lack of confidence.     Track 1: Introduction Track 2: Full Forgiveness Process Track 3: Daily Forgiveness Process Plus 20 page manual/workbook MP3 Audio and PDF Manual $60.00   Confidence Without confidence people often feel shy or … [Read more...]

Why do we people-please, walk on eggshells or avoid confrontation?

Walking on egg shells

Ever had one of those "AHA!" moments? Whenever I have one, I feel like my head has exploded. Are you familiar with PEOPLE-PLEASING, WALKING ON EGGSHELLS and AVOIDING CONFRONTATION? Do you do these things, or know someone who does? I am very familiar with these behaviours, as I used to do all of those things. As a part of my quest to become as AUTHENTIC as possible, I have had to work hard to change that aspect of my life, and that challenge has been an opportunity to grow. Do you know … [Read more...]

What do war and creativity have in common?

Elissa Freeman on taking action

I am currently reading The Art of War, a classic ancient Chinese text by Sun Tzu. Have you ever read it? I am reading it through the lens of creativity and the business side of the arts, and I am curious to see if these perspectives intersect. Sun Tzu says, "...we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been associated with long delays... while speed may sometimes be injudicious, tardiness can never be anything but foolish". Chang Yu says, "So long as victory can be … [Read more...]

10 easy, essential steps to start using Instagram for creative arts

Elissa Freeman

Do you have Instagram? Are you using it? Many creative people underestimate the power of Instagram. I personally know several artists who sell a lot of their art through this medium alone, and I highly recommend that you all get an account. If you already have one, but haven't truly utilised it yet, you could really benefit from unlocking its full potential. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Instagram, it is a smart phone app. You can view, follow and edit photos on a computer, but … [Read more...]

Can living in the moment be devastating?

The amygdalae sometimes called the animal brain.

Our cats, Nina and Siris, cry every time that we leave them. It’s a deep, mournful, gut-retching cry. They clearly hate the feeling of abandonment that they face whenever we are away from them. When we are all together in the lounge in the evening, they often fall asleep next to us; they are so happy in these moments. In the night they wake up and notice that we have completely disappeared. They cannot see us, and they begin to cry.  It is a soul-tortured cry.  They feel that they have … [Read more...]

Mastermind alliance enhances creativity

Elissa Freeman Creative Life Coach

Why is it that when one or more people communicate, another independent mind is created?  Napoleon Hill coined the term “Master Mind,” and some call it “mastermind”. This is what think tanks are based on. The energy shift can be palpable when we communicate with others. Musicians often create this when improvising. It is an important part of the creative process, and is often used unconsciously by creative people, including artists, performers, actors, dancers, inventors and, of course, … [Read more...]

Justin Bieber knows this secret

Elissa Freeman Creative Life Coach

Justin Bieber knows the secret of the Mastermind Alliance.  He couldn’t have achieved such success without the alliance of his manager, advisers, friends, family, tech heads, teachers, musicians… What appears to be Justin Bieber's overnight success is not that at all.  What has he and his Mastermind alliance been doing for the years leading up to his success?  I would say they were very busy and focused. Sure, he’s talented and has charisma.  However, he is and has much more than that.  … [Read more...]

8 Steps to a mastermind alliance

8 Steps to a Mastermind Alliance

In his book, Law of Success, Napoleon Hill set out the following 8 steps to realising your definite chief aim: Step 1: Decide what your definite chief aim is Step 2: Write your aim as a clear and concise statement Step 3: Form your alliance with a person or people (can be a partner, mother, father, siblings, friends or business associates) Step 4: You and the mastermind members sign your aim statement (they must whole-heartedly support your aim) Step 5: Give each member a copy of … [Read more...]

Are hugs important?

Are hugs important_

In one experiment carried out in an English orphanage, it was determined that children who were hugged 30 minutes a day made a significant recovery from illness as opposed to those who were not. So what about adults?  Do we need hugs too? Virginia Satir, the mother of family therapy, said that we need 4 hugs a day for survival, 8 hugs a day for maintenance, and 12 hugs a day for growth. Is this just a wishy washy idea or do hugs really improve our business life, career, work, family and … [Read more...]