8 Steps to a mastermind alliance

In his book, Law of Success, Napoleon Hill set out the following 8 steps to realising your definite chief aim:

Step 1: Decide what your definite chief aim is

Step 2: Write your aim as a clear and concise statement

Step 3: Form your alliance with a person or people (can be a partner, mother, father, siblings, friends or business associates)

Step 4: You and the mastermind members sign your aim statement (they must whole-heartedly support your aim)

Step 5: Give each member a copy of this signed statement

Step 6: Meditate on, think about or read aloud this statement at least once every 24 hours

Step 7: At least once a day, one or all your alliance members affirms your statement to you in a way that conveys that they know you can and will realise your definite chief aim

Step 8: You must follow this procedure until your aim is realised.

It may be necessary to change the steps you use in realising your aim.

If a member looses faith, immediately remove the member and replace them with another member.

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